Outplacement & Career Guidance


Executive outplacement


Our discrete executive career transition services are designed to meet the unique needs of senior executives. Whilst each programme is tailored to meet specific individual needs, we have a number of core strengths we can draw on:


  • Partner level consultants that understand the world that senior executives operate in. This peer insight means they can provide professional mentoring and executive coaching support as well as career transition expertise.
  • Strong relationships with executive search (headhunting) organisations enabling us to provide our clients with the opportunity to identify and secure unadvertised senior level positions.
  • Once a new role has been secured, we can provide leadership coaching through a creatively designed programe to assist clients to accelerate the speed at which they can start delivering high performance in their new role.
  • Through our local, regional & international exposure we can deliver a true market overview benchmark into carreer transition, opportunities at the very senior level.


Individual outplacement


Our individual outplacement programmes provide individuals with a highly tailored personal service. Our role is not to prescribe or suggest what an individual client should do next; but to facilitate a process whereby they feel empowered to make an informed career decision based on having a fuller picture of their attributes and marketable assets.


We will work with individuals to strengthen them to:


  • Determine what they can do in terms of skill sets, qualifications, experience etc.
  • Clarify what they want to do and to give them a view on how they make this happen
  • Ascertain the likely demand for such skills and capabilities
  • We put together a robust and well thought through action plan as to how to achieve a ‘successful conclusion whether it be into a new role or pursing a different route i.e. self-employment, retirement, education, training or career break.


Group outplacement


Our group programmes are an effective way of offering the benefits of outplacement support to a number of people facing career transition within an organisation. As with all of our outplacement services, our group programmes can be tailored to meet specific requirements and can include any combination of workshops, seminars, one-to-one sessions, telephone and online support. We can deliver on-site or locally as appropriate and for large scale projects, can work with HR teams to provide a full time on-site dedicated support centre.


The Benefits:


  • Improves employee morale and productivity
  • Protects and enhances organisational reputation and brand
  • Improves retention of remaining staff
  • Professionals with possibility of rehiring great people


For further informations regarding our career guidance and outplacement services, please visit: https://www.hudsonoutplacement.com/fr

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