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Performance Management


Performance Management is more than measuring performances. An accurate Performance Management plan is based on an open dialogue and a shared responsibility both by the evaluator and the person being evaluated. It should be a transparent and reliable process based on mutual engagement.

Performance Management begins by defining and scoping your organization’s strategy and values. We work with you to develop a brand-new performance management system or to optimize an existing performance management system.

Hudson Performance Management = E3: Efficacy – Efficiency – Embedded
A solid performance management system is:

  • In perfect harmony with the other HR processes and the organization’s general strategy, culture and structure = Efficacy
  • Efficient and controllable = Efficiency
  • Supported by the organization’s stakeholders, both internal and external = Embedded

At Hudson, we are also convinced that it is not only about a system to set up, but also supported by “responsible managers”, who act as leaders & role model, enter in constructive dialogue, look to the future and development of their people & empower them.



We pay attention to both the strategic and the operational dimension of performance management. Furthermore, we provide advice and guidance through the implementation of a performance management system using the required documentation and tools and by means of training and individual coaching.

Our guidance is based on a solid experience and expertise in the field of change management.

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