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Job grading is not about measuring seniority.

Job grading aims at bringing a methodology to estimate the added value of each function within your organization, with a sense of equity and objectivity thanks to the analytical grading method 5+1 Compas®.

Job grading helps to determine fair remuneration structures and provides a road map for career development and succession planning throughout your organisation – all important ingredients for a motivated workforce.

Hudson’s 5+1 Compas® grading method is an objective and universal method, by which all sorts of jobs can be evaluated, based on their added value to the organisation. The classic result of an evaluation process of jobs is a scale of all jobs or a certain number of jobs within the organisation which represents the different grades of the jobs.

The 5+1 Compas® grading method aims at an efficient comparative analysis and evaluation of the added value of jobs, based on clear and well-founded criteria.

Hudson’s 5+1 Compas® grading method is:

  • Universal: applicable to all sorts of jobs within each organisation, within all kinds of sectors;
  • Objective: we evaluate jobs by means of objective criteria which can be well explained in a clear way to all people concerned in the job grading process;
  • Qualitative and analytical: the criteria consist of several levels and each level is expressed by means of a score. The added value of each job is expressed in one total score, which is the result of each level score added up.
  • Related to values and structure: when applying our grading method, we take into account the organisational structure and values;
  • Related to competences: the system is, among others, based on competences which are required for the job, necessary for a proper execution of the job;
  • Related to the central 5+1 Competency Model®: our job grading system is built around one central system, which applies to all sorts of HR processes such as competency management, career management, recruitment & selection, career guidance, ...

Hudson has already evaluated a large range of jobs (administrative, lower/middle/higher management, executive) of organizations within the public and private sector, by means of the 5+1 Compas® grading method. The job grading structure as drawn up by our Hudson consultants, has been successfully set up and became the basis for a new reward structure.

The 5+1 Compas® grading method of Hudson consists of 5 evaluation matrixes which are each composed of one competence cluster and one context variable.



Our clients can use this methodology in an independent way after having followed a week if training comprising 1-day exam. All our consultants are certified as well.

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