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Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of employees with competency management

What is the added value of Competency Management for your organization?
How do you make clear what is expected from employees?
How do you know about the capabilities and strengths in your organization?
Does everyone use the same language while talking about competencies, for example during evaluations and/or recruitment?
Do you know precisely in which area should you invest in training and people development?
How do you present a career perspective to an employee who maintains the same function?
Do you want to link this concept with your reward strategy?
How can you keep the competencies alive in your organization?


Hudson’s expert advisors in Competency Management can help.

Competency management means inventorying, measuring and managing the required competencies in order to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of employees’ performances within an organization and to obtain business results in the short and long term.


Hudson Competency management can help you to:

  • Draw up a competency model fitted to the organization
  • Determine the organization’s DNA (drawing up values and corresponding core competencies)
  • Draw up function descriptions and corresponding competency profiles
  • Draw up behavior indicators
  • Proceed with a gap analysis between the required competencies (competency model/profiles) and the competencies currently at hand in your organization
  • Draw up and/or installing competency measurements (performance management, 360°, AC/DC…)
  • Train HR and/or leaders to work with competency management
  • Determine career paths
  • Determine a development policy based on the career paths
  • Link competencies to the different HR processes (cf. respective practices)


The Hudson methodology emphasizes 2 important aspects:

Building a sustainable model
We usually work from the top down and concentrate on the future or the desired situation: where do they want to take the company? What are the intended results concerning HR and the company in general in the middle-long and long term? Which factors can be restraining or facilitating?


Building a supported model
By supported we mean:

  • fitted to the company (using the company language)
  • if possible, created with the players involved (jobholders and leaders) accessible and user friendly


The Hudson 5+1 Competency model® is built upon 5 generic competency clusters:

  • Information Management: Handling information, facts, perceptions, knowledge and ideas to produce new information or knowledge.
  • Task Management: Organizing and structuring work, from operations to tasks, in order to streamline tasks and activities.
  • People Management: Managing and leading people within a hierarchical context.
  • Interpersonal Management: Managing the relationships with others, without a direct hierarchical context.
  • Personal Management: Managing the own personal performance and growth.
  • Company specific competencies (“+1”): Managing technical or company specific knowledge and competencies necessary for an effective performance.



There are 8 competencies per cluster, and 2 to 3 components per competency, which means a total of 110 components. There are 5 levels: Senior, Middle, Junior, Support and Worker level.

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