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Coaching is a useful way of developing people's skills and abilities, and of boosting performance. It can also help deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems.


At Hudson a coaching session will typically take place as a conversation between the coach and the coachee (person being coached), and it focuses on helping the coachee discover answers for themselves. After all, people are much more likely to engage with solutions that they have come up with themselves, rather than those that are forced upon them!


Hudson coaches are not counselors, psychotherapists, gurus, teachers, trainers, or consultants – although we may use some of the same skills and tools.


What we typically do:

  • Observe, listen and ask questions to understand the client’s situation
  • Facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist the individual in making real, lasting change
  • Use questioning techniques to facilitate client’s own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions
  • Support the client in setting appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to these goals
  • Encourage a commitment to action and the development of lasting personal growth & change

How we do it:

  • Creatively apply tools and techniques
  • Maintain unconditional positive regard for the client, which means that the coach is at all times supportive and non-judgemental
  • Ensure that clients develop personal competencies and do not develop unhealthy dependencies on the coaching or mentoring relationship
  • Manage the relationship to ensure the client receives the appropriate level of service and that programmes are neither too short, nor too long


HR Consulting, expert services for all HR challenges



The Hudson partners have been in the HR business for many years and have a considerable experience many of the HR challenges faced by the business world today.  Thanks to this experience, we are able to support clients with a wide range of HR Consultancy projects and our solutions are based on tried and tested methodologies, refined through working with a diverse customer base.


We can offer a range of solutions to support your business, from fully managed HR services through to one-off projects. Every solution we develop combines proven process with a bespoke focus to meet the needs of each client.


From the management of all employee HR queries to exit interviews, from implementing the process of the full employee life cycle to all aspects of performance management, we can provide effective, quality HR solutions that deliver outstanding customer service and value for money.


Projects covering areas such as recruitment, assessment, re-structuring and change management can be expertly managed. We also have a track record in re-engineering HR process to improve efficiencies and the internal customer experience. All our solutions are backed up by dedicated guidance and support provided by our highly experienced and qualified team of HR professionals.


Our HR Consultancy solutions are designed to ensure your business can:

  • Call on extensive and proven HR expertise at any time.
  • Allow your in-house HR resources to focus their work and delegate either strategic or operational activities
  • Outsource stand-alone key projects and activities such as policy reviews, performance management and exit interviews

About Us

Hudson has more than 35 years of experience and is a leading Benelux HR consultancy provider. With a flair for entrepreneurship and innovation, we work tirelessly every day to succeed in our most important endeavour, namely to provide support to organisations so they can grow, by developing their human capital. Every day, the Hudson HR experts use all their specialist knowledge regarding the recruitment, development, coaching or compensation of employees as well as interim management and staffing services to support our customers so they can achieve their ambitions. We are the preferred HR partner, both for the private and public sector, because of our strong values and the commitment of all our employees assisting start-ups, SMEs and multinationals. 

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