Building a strong Work Culture by hiring


A couple of interesting questions to ask during an interview


You can’t just hire smart people and hope for the best. Building a strong work culture all start at the hiring stage. Here below some questions that can help you check motivation and entrepreneurial-minded team players.

Like most recruiters, you are interested in candidates who are passionate about the purpose of your company. So while of course you offer competitive compensation, it is important to design interviews to probe for candidates’ deeper motivations. Remember candidates are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them.



Here are a few motivational questions:

# Based on what you’ve seen, what are a few areas where you would focus in this role in order to address problems you believe exist today, or that we might encounter later?

# If you join the team, what would you tell your friends or family about why you chose to work here?

# Why are you passionate about the company’s market and what isbuilt together?





If your company’s work culture encourages–or even requires–entrepreneurial mind-sets of every team member and not just those in senior positions. And if your company expects to see initiative at every level, including the entry level, it is important, as a recruiter, to set these expectations during the interview process. The goal is to show candidates the culture of possibility and creative exploration. Micromanagement is a culture killer in these cases.

Be aware that people tend to take initiative in different ways; some employees share openly their ideas in large groups, while others prefer to outline their thoughts and collaborate in smaller settings. Either style works great as long as they lead to fresh perspectives. These are a couple of interview questions you can ask to see if a candidate is likely to take initiative, no matter how they might choose to do so:

# You have a great idea for how to improve a company product, but you are worried about stepping on someone else’s toes. What do you do?

# It’s your first day on the job and you have a few hours to kill before orientation. What would you do with that time?

Hypothetical answers are fine–that’s the whole point. The candidates who demonstrate entrepreneurial thinking and confidence when answering these questions usually make it to the next round and, once hired, end up being informal leaders on their teams.


Hiring star contributors who cannot collaborate is counterproductive. Therefore in the interview process, your goal can be to understand how candidates handle conflict: Do they blame others if something goes wrong rather than look for ways to improve the situation? Or are they so solutions-oriented that they come across as stoic or unaware how their colleagues might perceive them? Here are a few interview questions to help select candidates who either help build a supportive, healthy, high-performing culture or even though being brilliant, may not be the best collaborators:

# Tell me about a disagreement you have had with a coworker from another functional area. What was the nature of the disagreement, and how did the two of you work together to resolve it?

# We have all received feedback about where we can improve. What types of feedback have you heard consistently throughout your career?

# Tell me about one of your most trusted mentors. What have you learned from him/her that has shaped the way you work with others?

The answers to these questions will shed light on how the candidate might fit into the organization, particularly during moments of high pressure. When assembling teams that contribute to great work cultures, it is important not to compromise on your organization’s core values. Hiring the most brilliant stars who will weigh down the company culture just isn’t worth it.

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