Employability: Will You Still Be Employable In A Decade?


Here are a couple of tips to increase likelihood for you to answer, “Yes!”


Think about the workplace 10 years ago: Smartphones weren’t all over the place. There probably wasn’t “an app for that.” Open floor plans hadn’t yet become a privacy-busting phenomenon. And people weren’t obsessed with “the cloud.”

Certainly, smart devices, cloud-based platforms, and the way we work have been transformed over the past decade. We’re changing jobs more often—now, more often because we want to. And the speed of progress made in technology is once again transforming the way we will work.

Even though it will be hard to know exactly what the workplace will look like in 10 years, keeping yourself marketable and relevant for a long career is a constant process of evaluation, education, and adaptation. Here are a couple of tips, Alcor Executive gives you, to keep yourself prepared for—and even ahead of—what comes next.

Pay Attention to What’s Going on In (And Outside of) Your Industry

Evaluate the best sources of information about your industry or career path. What conferences, organizations, websites, publications, or other resources have the best and most insightful information and resources? Connect with those resources so that you’re staying informed on the latest developments.

Beyond that, also watch out for innovation in other industries. Technology and process innovation aren’t typically limited to one sector. For example, if you’re in marketing, keep an eye on what’s happening in finance. Could the machine learning and automated approaches to checking out customers’ financial health give you clues about better targeting your market?


Schedule regular Skill Updates

You probably go for a medical checkup every year or two. You get your car serviced regularly. But are you scheduling time to ensure that your own skills and education are up to date? As a professional, you’ll need to “reevaluate every couple of years to make sure that whatever skills you’re working on, are still the skills you think you should be working on.

Find Ways to Stretch Your Skills

Once you get to a certain point in your career, it’s easy to get complacent or think you know it all. That’s deadly. In order to stay relevant and marketable, you need to keep finding ways to stretch your skills. Don’t wait until your company provides the level of professional assistance or development that you need in order to keep your career relevant. The No. 1 thing you have to realize is that the responsibility for your professional development is on you.

So seek out projects where you’ll need to learn new skills or tools. For example, if you’re trying to develop more managerial and leadership skills, seek out opportunities to work on your company’s strategic planning projects. Share your goals with your line manager and/or mentor to help you find opportunities.



Document Your Development

Keep a professional development log to track the classes, continuing education, and other development opportunities in which you’ve participated. Develop and build an online presence to brand yourself as a leader and lifelong learner. Publishing occasional content about your sector, viewpoints, and achievements can be a good way to build your visibility. Interviewers are going to be looking for that.


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t tell yourself: “I’m not a tech person”, or “I could never learn to code”, this will hold you back. You’re probably going to have to get increasingly comfortable with technology as it becomes a bigger part of every job. Work on skills that are obviously more in demand, such as the ability to collaborate virtually and manage change. Staying ready for the future will likely mean doing things you really don’t want to do or feel prepared to do. But the minute you let that fear or hesitation stop you from learning what you need to navigate the future of your work, you’re beginning to let your skills expire.


Alcor Executive deploys Employability and Development programs in companies in Luxembourg to increase awareness amongst employees to enhance their employability and take responsibility for their own continuous development. Would you like to hear more about our Employability program and how this fits in your company? Click here to get in touch with us.


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